Tuesday, December 1, 2009

destination: anywhere our feet carries us

It was a long weekend and a break from work. It also meant a break for the students. So Kevinski and company planned to have another movie marathon at their place, as usual. But this time, it was planned and the other youths were also invited. More than 10 came and was a handful bunch. After 3 movies,1 horror, 1 suspense and 1 feel good movie. We were on our bed dreaming that the weekend won't end. Hehe..

Morning came, while we were preparing to leave the place and faces were obvious sad to end the activity. Out of the blue, I forgot who proposed it, was it me or Kevinski, that we'd go river trekking at the nearby river, which was actually CDO's central river. We prepared a bottle of water each, no wearing of shoes, no bags and other important things. Then off we go along the road to teh farther part of Balulang which I had been to only once, we trekked the rsame river about 10 years ago with Kevinski's dad and others as well. Okay... We were excited to cross the hanging bridge which was a bit challenging with Mari in front of me. After which, decided to go on with the trail which prodded us to go the other, little way when a man with a hunting gun came out. It was an adveture that led us to another street which connected to a low bridge that when its high tide, the water would flow above it. Followed the road up a hill when Kevinski and company decided to climd a small passageway up a steep slope where we could see a cream-painted house. We were literally climbing up a slope where we could see the mountain opposite Balulang (so green with trees), the city from afar, the glistening blue sea beyond teh buildings and where we had hiked earlier. Savoring the view in every stop. Not knowing, there's a much better view ahead, which in fact is a road in a village I had just known, Xavier Ville. Only 2 houses were inhabited, the rest were still on-going construction. It is in the upper-part of Balulang. A mother and a child passed us and asked where we were going. Actually, we were going nowhere, just for the sake of bonding, adventure, and where our feet could carry us under the scorching heat of the noon sun. She informed us that up ahead is the Taguanao bridge. As adventurers and wanderers, we were excited and made it our new destination, where it'll lead, whatever it takes. So off we go. Passing by the last place of Balulang, we asked residences which fork of teh road leads to Taguanao. They politely answered us with a warning that it's too far. Yet, as if nothing was heard or was it just being determined to reach our destination, we moved on even without further knowledge on what awaits us and how far our destination is. The sight of the bridge on our left was an encouragement. It was not long that we reached our destination. Now what? Should we go back on our tracks or go on and continue our hiking to Taguanao where we could get a ride to the city, then ride a multicab back to Balulang. not to mention, it was already past 1pm and we hadn't had lunch yet. I was glad no one complained and everyone we're energized and excited to finish our adventure. It was not my first time to hike from Balulang to Taguanao, yet the trail was different. There was yet no bridge at that time, we had to cross the big river by banka. It was their first time to pass those trails and step onto Taguanao. Some even suggested that we continue walking to the city from Taguanao. Knowing the place, as Taguanao became my swimming team's favorite destination before, I begged not to for the fact the we might arrive at the city late in the afternoon, with no food and unprepared energy. Glad they agreed to take the jeep to the city. And it was then that they realized it was really far.

It was by far a great adventure. Not to mention, it was not costly. It is one of those that I can wear on my sleeves.
Though they were dead tired when they reached their homes, I'm glad they enjoyed it. Hoping that it would be etched in their memory and the enjoyment and bonding be etched in their hearts. For first-timers, it was by far unforgettable. For some, it was their longest walk. Yet, nothing beats the bonding, excitement and smiles we had even if the heat was pounding on us. Thank you guys. Let's do this again someday.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

blog - my venue

My main blog got a malware and is not fixed yet. I''m looking over the possibility that it won't be fixed or it might be destroyed so I'll slowly be copying some of my important entry there to here. Yet I cannot save the entries comments but I'll try. Ill really try. I wish I had the time also. This will be temporary only, I hope. I miss blogging and I'll surely miss that blog. It had been my vent for everything.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

vacation hangover

I didn’t realized I missed my preschoolers until I saw them running on our playground this morning when I arrived. My thoughts were so occupied with my week-long vacation that my work took a backseat for a while. I hadn’t even prepared much for today yet it went well. Thank you Lord. I still have to prepare for tomorrow but my body is still glued in front of this tube. Hahayz.. Life.. Must go on. Still got hangovers from my vacation though, can’t deny that. Still sings that song. Still longs to wake up with the foster family and convincing them to go take a bath so we won’t be late. Missed seeing their smiling faces with their eyes closed. Hehe.. Hangovers.

My preschoolers hadn’t kicked off my school week either. Maybe next week. I still want to savor our weekends and Friday night together.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

' i'e got a feeling..

that tonight’s gonna be a good night.. that tonight’s gonna be a good good night..’

A good night indeed as I ended the week-long trip with 9 other friends who had become like a family. It all started with a plan to visit Davao City on their festival celebration. Shared it with some friends and waited for the date.

Our first stop was Quezon, Bukidnon. We were well-taken cared of, always invited for meals, given a warm welcome, greetings, etc. We were always full and we never missed any meal. All 10 of us slept in the living room of the house we stayed since not one of us wanted to get separated with the group. There were feet on someone else’s body, persons curled up in the sofa, feet banging on someone’s feet, etc. Yet no one ever complained. Talks that lasted till the wee hours of the night. When at that time, folks were already sound asleep. Walking from our place of stay to our destination instead of taking a ride. Taking a bath early in the morning so we won’t get caught up when the water shuts. Adopting ’sparky’ the dog. Seeing old friends, familiar faces, exchanging hellos. All of those made our 2 days stay enjoyable.

Then off to Davao City. On our first night, visited my favorite place in the city, Jack’s Ridge. It was a rejuvenating experience. Seeing the lights on the distance, enjoying the view with some of the friends I consider family, etc. The following days at Davao were spent at Mergrande Resort. Days of seeing glad faces because of our presence, short but meaningful talks, little bonding time with the group, practices that were full of laughter, being amused with each other, etc. There were also faces I long to see and talk and were happy because I had fulfilled my word, even to the point of surprising them because I hadn’t told them of my plan. Yet it was fun. Had meat and fish for meals almost everyday that my stomach craves for fruits and vegetables. As one friend said, ‘nangala sa prutas‘.. hehe.. Well, who wouldn’t crave for one anyway, for a fruit and vegetable eater like me. So on the last day, we had fruit fest. Manong Obet prepared it for us and we helped out. It was so yummy, the best indeed. Our last night was spent walking through the downtown area, from Boulevard to Bankerohan, and all other areas we had pass and circled through just to sit and enjoy eating a durian. It was yummy. That made my night. With that free dinner, free ride, mind boggling finger game for one person, talks of anything while walking, sitting on anyplace to have a talk, teasings, laughter, Baywalk, amusing smiles, priceless moments indeed. There was never a sad moment with them. Shrugging off any unwanted event.

Not to mention, my precious V3 cellphone with my old smart sim, Sony cybershot cam, money, ATM cards and an identification card were snatched from my wrist on our first night at Davao City. We were even bold enough to run after my robber only to be stopped by residents of the street the snatcher passed through. I was thankful we were safe, all 4 ladies. Worse could happen as our friends told me. I was thankful no one is hurt, no one was being stabbed, being dragged on the street, was abused, no one was bitten by a dog while running after the teenage robber or anything. We were all safe. It was not a traumatic experience for me, and I don’t know why. I even passed the same street on our last night at the city. I was even amazed because I wasn’t panicking. I was composed and had remembered everything, described the persons’ attire, height, my pouch’s contents, what happened, etc. The police officers had identified the kid because of it. I was even thinking what I should do next and what needs to be done immediately. I was very glad. All my friends who comforted me gave a thankful sigh we were safe with relieving words that they’ll help in any way. Expect for one, unexpectedly, which made me cry, among other things that happened that night and the next morning. It was an eye-opener experience. Not the snatching incident, but what happened after, the people’s reactions and support. Had guy friends whose eyes would say, if they’d want to say it words, ‘I could have prevented it but I wasn’t there because I chose not to come’. In a way, we were thankful they didn’t because for sure they’d run after the kid and what would happen to them if they had ran him over. One friend’s mother whose sibling was a high-ranking police officer said that the kid belonged to a sindicate group in that area. So imagine their force. Oh well.

Things do happen whether we want it or not. But the snatching incident didn’t hinder the fun and enjoyment I had with the people I’m with and the people I visited. I had a great time at Bukidnon, though the sun was scorching hot yet the wind was so humid. We were always full, courtesy of our friends, an old friend in college who also happen to be a church member. Had a wonderful time at Davao City with old and new friends. Long-missed talks with people I seldom talk to, I missed that, the topics, everything. The events we missed because not one of us wanted to be excluded and be left out from the group. Where one goes, the rest follows. The out-pouring support and care they gave made my experience a less traumatic one. The practices for our songs that though we were bored and tired yet the presence of each one of the group made it all festive. The special music we did at Bukidnon which we gave justice also when we gave it at Davao City, without much practice yet sounded nice they said.

I am back safe and sound. I missed my tour family. Missed waking up Mari in a different way, which was effective by the way, even if she gave me a punch and an angry sigh after. Hehe.. Peace mar.. Manong Obet took care of us, standing up to his role as our kuya. Thank you Bet. The prodigal son who was once separated from us for a while yet came back because he misses us. The surprised Isai and the teasings. Hehe.. Missed the people. Yet, I was happy I spent my days with them. Thank you guys. Though my phone and cam was lost, the memories you left me with were priceless and could never be replaced.

Monday, October 19, 2009

relationship or goal?

Despite the busy schedule and less time to rest. I’m glad there are mountain-top experiences on some days.

On days that my weary body wants to hit the sack already but there’s still something lined-up for the day that needs my attention, time and energy, both physically and mentally. When my throat sores and hurts a little because I used it for 5 hours. When my eyes wants to give up on me on some nights yet is made alive by the smiles the people I work with give. When it is already late in the evening and work duties call me yet it is still relieving to talk to them about my day, my thoughts and anything in between while walking on the street for a ride home. When my brain is tired of thinking, aching and longing to rest. Like right now.

Should I count the number of times my weary body complains or the relationships I forged with the activities I do each day?

‘True wealth comes from the heart and is always only there.’ – facebook

Tonight was another mountain-top experience I had with some friends. Despite the 5 hours straight practise I had, the smiles, laughters and talks we shared over dinner relieved it. Each day comes with different experiences. Tonight was different. It may just be a simple night with just ordinary activities yet it was made different with the people I was with tonight and the amount of stress and pressure I am experiencing right now. Thank you, in a way, for relieving my stress.

I am not prepared for my work tomorrow. Hehe..